Lets get naked

Our Guarantee to You

Each bottle of Naked Native Natural oils is made with traditional healing ingredients, produced in small batches with care and intention. Made with love on Vancouver Island.

Toyaxs’y nism wil baksim (‘I thank you all for coming’ in Gitxsan)

Bottle of the face and body oil held up in a beam of sunlight

Learn the language

Our oil blends are made with sustainably harvested ingredients, and infused with traditional healing medicines. Find out what this means to us, and why we love ingredients like Self Heal, Devils Club and Copaiba.

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Farrin’s story

An open heart, a curiosity, and a desire to learn. These are the tools that Farrin was armed with when she embarked on her healing journey some seasons ago.  She was answering a call from deep within to do some really hard work.  Work that would have her returning to her village to connect with her lineage and reclaim her identity as a Gitxsan woman.  Along this path, she would feel the emerging presence of her ancestors. The more she opened up, uncovered and released the painful parts of her story, the stronger this presence grew.  

It was in essence, a homecoming.  

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