Self Heal

Self Heal, also known as Prunella Vulgaris, is a magic plant for glowing skin. It is one of those plants that is seemingly good for everything. It has been studied by modern scientists and researchers, and there is lots of reputable information about it. There is documentation of the use of Self Heal all over the world. This use dates back as far as the 16th-century. The 17th-century  botanist Nicholas Culpeper wrote about Self Heal saying that “when  you hurt, you may heal yourself”.

Close up photo of a Self Heal plant in bloom.
Self Heal also known as Prunella Vulgaris.

Studies have shown it to be useful for gingivitis, osteoarthritis , herpes, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver cancer,  endometriosis and dementia. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory painkiller. There is research that  shows that Self-heal inhibits the binding ability of a virus, so that the virus can’t replicate.  These days I want to put it everywhere just for that fact!  

Self-heal contains Vitamin C, K and Thiamine. Vitamin C promotes collagen production and protects skin cells from damaging  free radicals caused by sun exposure. Vitamin K helps speed up the natural repair process of  our skin. Thiamine also plays a role in repairing collagen in our skin to keep it soft and  supple.

Self-heal also contains chemicals called tannins that help with swelling and  inflammation. It has a slight astringent effect for skin irritations or acne to promote  quicker healing. As an ingredient in our oils, it creates a nice balance that is suitable for any skin type.

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