Farrin’s story

An open heart, a curiosity, and a desire to learn. These are the tools that Farrin was armed with when she embarked on her healing journey some seasons ago.  She was answering a call from deep within to do some really hard work.  Work that would have her returning to her village to connect with her lineage and reclaim her identity as a Gitxsan woman.  Along this path, she would feel the emerging presence of her ancestors. The more she opened up, uncovered and released the painful parts of her story, the stronger this presence grew.  

It was in essence, a homecoming.  

Born on Vancouver Island and raised in northern BC, Farrin spent much of her early life travelling back and forth between these two areas she calls home, growing up with dual cultural identities. As a girl she would work alongside her mother on their Gitxsan territories, learning the traditional methods of foraging, harvesting, processing and applying these medicines. Each plant had a spirit, a purpose and a story.  She didn’t know it then but many years later at a crossroads in life, leaning into this relationship with the natural world would lead her both back to her roots, and also into business.  

Naked Native Naturals was birthed from Farrin’s desire to connect people with traditional plant medicines that have been made with intention and in small batches.  The process of creating a recipe requires engaging all the senses and being completely present to whatever happens.  The small home business is a family affair. From it’s conception, Farrin’s partner Shea was there to nudge and cheer her on when the endless and often intricate details of starting a new business felt overwhelming. Her spiral bound notebook journals each success and failure, and her son Chael is quick to pipe in with his input on whether or not a formula has yielded a desirable outcome.  She welcomes feedback as a valuable part of the lifelong learning process that comes to working with plants.  

Picture of Farrin and her son Chael
Farrin and Chael live in the Comox Valley, BC on the traditional territory of K’omoks First Nations.