Beard Oil

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This beard oil is the first of the men’s line for Naked Native. A simple yet complex oil that is magic for men and all their skin care needs.


Made for all skin types and scented for men to love, and women to love more. The secret to a great beard is healthy hydrated skin, free of harmful bacteria and protected from the sun. That is why this beard oil does all those things and more.

Our beard oil is infused with Self Heal, Copaiba, Cedar and Amber.  Self Heal offers anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This fights against the mess of daily life allowing for clear, healthy skin that nourishes from the root. We then top it off with Copaiba, adding a little glow of happiness to the day.

Directions for use: Put a dime-sized amount into palm, rub your hands together and massage into clean, dry beard. Use more depending on the size of your beard. Repeat as necessary until beard is soft. For dry beards, use more often. This product can also be used your on face and body.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Coconut/MCT Oil, EVOO infused with Self Heal, Vitamin E, Amber, Copiaba, Cedar.

This product honours the traditional healing properties of Self Heal, and the ancestral knowledge of the mothers before us – T’ooyasxs’y niin (‘I thank you’ in Gitsxan).

  • Traditional healing
  • 100% natural
  • All skin types
  • Topical healing
  • Traditional medicine
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Paraben free, sulphate free, no EDTA, no SLS
  • Never tested on animals
  • Indigenous owned Brand

50 ml.

7 reviews for Beard Oil

  1. Chelsea Brown

    Mmm I love the smell of this blend, and my husbands beard is so soft and shiny.

  2. Jon Dizdar

    This beard oil is absolutely amazing!
    I’ve tried other products and never got the satisfaction , silky smooth results long lasting not and not oily.

  3. Ryan Lynch

    After growing a beard for a year, this oil helped keep my beard silky smooth and manageable. Great oil mixture, which nurtured my facial hair and left it smelling great. Excellent price for the quantity of oil you receive and the bottle with its wood accent is simply beautiful. If you have a beard, then you need this oil in your kit!

  4. Mathieu Forand

    Marvellous product delivered in sexy packaging. I had no idea amber smelled so divine. Imbues freshness and life into skin and hair. Impossible to restrict its use to my beard.

  5. Anna P

    Since my man doesn’t write reviews, I’ll do this on his behalf! The beard oil is a great way to introduce a skin product to a man who may not use one! His skin was noticeably softer and more hydrated after I lathered it on him. And best of all, he smelled so good I couldn’t keep my paws off of him. It’s a subtle and natural smell, though, so perfect for guys who don’t like the cologne or body spray thing.

  6. Jessie L.

    My sweetheart has alopecia so he can’t grow a beard, and having no hair does make your skin less protected, so Farrin lovingly made me a special oil blend for sensitive skin for him that has a masculine and sexy smell and also leaves my sweeties skin so soft and luxurious! I would highly recommend all of the Naked Native Naturals products!

  7. Asia

    Amazing beard oil! Recently bought for my husband and he loves it. Smells great & leaves my husbands beard super nourished & saves him from dry skin!

    Will be repurchasing in the future!

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