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In these days of chemicals and fake synthetic products it was time to create something that was good for our bodies, our minds and our spirits. This oil is purification in all those realms.


Our traditional healing Face and Body oil is made of a  signature blend of Moringa, Coconut/MCT oil and Grapeseed Oil Extract. We’ve infused it with Devils Club, Vitamin E Oil, Amber and Copaiba. This is a nourishing serum that will leave your skin glowing.

Excellent for your night time skincare routine, our traditional healing Face and Body oil is paraben free, sulphate free and made with sustainably harvest ingredients. The Devils Club in this traditional healing oil is excellent for its antibacterial and healing nature.  It will soothe redness and add vitality to your skin all while evoking a spiritual experience that connects us to the many generations before us that used Mother Nature to heal.

Ingredients: Moringa oil, Coconut/MCT oil, Grapeseed oil infused with Devil’s Club, Vitamin E, Amber and Copaiba.

Daily use: Dispense a small amount into palm, rub your hands together and massage into clean skin. Show extra dry spots some TLC. For best
results, apply post-shower on damp skin.

All-over moisturizing: Add a few drops to your bath.

Massage oil: Infuse sore muscles with our healing oil blend by massaging into affected areas. For external use only. Store away from direct sunlight or heat source.

  • 100% natural
  • all skin types
  • topical healing
  • traditional medicine
  • sustainably harvested
  • paraben free, sulphate free, no EDTA, no SLS
  • never tested on animals

50 ml.

9 reviews for Face & Body Oil

  1. Chelsea Brown

    Love the smell of this oil and how it makes my skin so soft and hydrated.

  2. holly fisher

    Beautiful product I use it everyday!! leaves my skin feeling purely nourished.

  3. Tara

    I’ve used oil on my face for years & ive never tried an oil like this! I have sensitive skin and my skin glows with it! I’ll definitely be purchasing more.

  4. Asia

    Absolutely love this face & body oil. The scent is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Its moisturizing and great to use on sore muscles. It’s really a versatile oil!

  5. Wendy Jackson

    Must have for your daily routine!! Leaves your skin glowing and supple all while taking your senses on a trip through the forest. Not only does it feel good on your skin, but it feels good to use products with such history in healing, right from our beautiful backyard!

  6. Anna P

    This is a great product for the changing of seasons, saltwater exposure or just when your skin needs a big drink. After massaging it in, my skin instantly felt more supple and radiant. Can be used under makeup as it didn’t leave an oily residue.

  7. Jessie L.

    This oil is both nourishing and refreshing. It leaves my skin feeling soft, luminous, and beautiful. The smell is so amazing and I would highly recommend this product! Thank you Farrin for creating an ethical and intentional product that I can use day or night.

  8. Ocea

    The only oil you’ll need! My skin is softer and clearer than it has been in months. It feels and smells amazing, and soaks straight in. Its hard to not apply multiple times a day.

  9. Eve

    This body oil is unreal. So luxurious and hydrating, and it smells sooo beautiful. I can’t recommend it enough.

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