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Our signature tanning oil contains a carefully considered blend of traditional healing herbs. Get your bronze on while at the same time soothe and repair your skin. Did we mention that it smells delicious?


This Naked Native traditional healing tanning oil is infused with the medicinal herb Self Heal. It is a traditional plant which relieves inflammation and skin irritation. We also love the oil blend of Jojoba, Amber and Copaiba which help to heal minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. Finally, it offers some sun protection while maintaining skins moisture. It’s a perfect tanning oil for sunny afternoon massages.

Benefits: All natural and chemical free, our traditional healing tanning oil provides deep moisture with the added renewing and soothing benefits of Self Heal.

Directions for use: Apply generously and evenly to exposed skin. Reapply as necessary. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.
Store away from direct sunlight or heat source.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Coconut/MCT Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Self Heal, Vitamin E, Amber, Jojoba and Copaiba.

This product honours the traditional healing properties of Self Heal, and the ancestral knowledge of the mothers before us – T’ooyasxs’y niin (‘I thank you’ in Gitsxan).

  • Traditional healing
  • 100% natural
  • All skin types
  • Topical healing
  • Traditional medicine
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Paraben free, sulphate free, no EDTA, no SLS
  • Never tested on animals
  • Indigenous owned Brand

50 ml.

7 reviews for Tanning Oil

  1. R Lamont Berg

    This tanning oil is incredible! The first thing you notice is the gorgeous packaging. And then the smell, it’s truly Devine! The oil itself is not too thick, it’s so smooth, and it feels amazing on your skin. It blends in nicely, and I never noticed it making my bikini oily or stained. I love it, and will definitely be trying other Naked Native products.

  2. Toni Dunne

    This oil feels so amazing and smells exquisite, the amber is earthy and sweet.

    I love that the products in this line utilize local, wild harvested plant medicine, and are crafted with love and deep reverence.

  3. Casey

    This oil is delicious. The delightful scent of amber is the first thing I noticed. This oil goes on so lovely, makes my skin feel sparkly and hydrated, and I know that everything inside this bottle is made with love and care.

  4. Muriel C

    I love this tanning oil so much! The scent is delicious and not overpowering, and it rubs in without any greasy residue. I even use it after shaving for razor burn and it works great.

  5. Anna P

    This oil strikes the perfect balance of nourishing the skin without leaving it feeling oily. I use it both before and after I’m in the sun and it kept ashy skin at bay all summer!

  6. Jessie L.

    Love, Love, Love this product!! It has a beautifully sleek bottle which accompanies my summer pic-nic basket everywhere I go. This oil is amazing on the skin, the smell is exquisite and the texture and feel is divine! Don’t forget this gem when planning for your adventures wherever they may take you!

  7. Romaine Broermann

    Proper tanning needs to start at the beginning is also the most important part. A good quality tanning lotion will help your skin to tan faster than with fewer trips to the tanning salon. Using a natural product, will help to prevent your skin from becoming dry and will help to keep the color deep redness at bay.

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