Did you know Copaiba oil is anti-inflammatory and makes your skin HAPPY!? It’s like CBD, in that it contains a  terpene called Beta-Caryophyllene. The Beta-Caryophyllene interacts with our bodies cannabinoid receptors, and causes our skin cells to produce stress relieving endorphins.

A person is tapping the trunk of a Copaiba tree to harvest the oil.
Copaiba Oil is harvested in a way that is not damaging to the tree.

Copaiba’s (pronounced CO-PIE-E-BUH) medicinal usage dates back to the 16th century in Brazil. Indigenous people used it both orally and topically. Copaiba comes from the Copaiba Tree found  in Central and Southern America. There are over 70 species of Copaiba trees. As Copaiba oil is made from tree resin, it is especially lovely. This is because the tree can produce resin year after year without ever being cut down.

Although Copaiba isn’t traditional to my Native culture, when I crossed  paths with it I fell in love.  I truly believe that culture enriches culture. I am  very grateful for the opportunity to work with this oil and add it to the creations I love so much.

  • Copaiba oil is a powerful anti-Inflammatory
  • Supports Immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems
  • Soothes and support the nervous system
  • Supports the lungs and respiratory system
  • Has been compared to CBD oil in how it supports the body

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